Praise Jesus!

Fr. Ubald conducted a retreat in Kalamazoo Michigan mid-March with awesome results

All were blessed when the Holy Spirit was present within them during a “Mass of the Holy Spirit” on the Saturday where Fr. Ubald was able to pray individually with each person (29 adults and 15 children).

On the second day, Fr. Ubald had a mass with healing prayers for the community which was packed to the gills with people coming from various places around the area.
There were many miracles that day including but not exclusive of

– Migraine, back pain and knee problem healed
– A person unable to forgive was healed
– A woman unable to conceive was healed
– A person who was unable to hear in their right ear can hear again

We have since gotten word of even more ongoing healings and miracles from this conference this week

– a man from Kentucky who came to the healing mass is no longer having pain though he was scheduled for a surgery next week

A big Thank You to Sr. Marie Josepha and all her staff who helped organize and run the retreat.

Jesus is ALIVE and hears our prayers-  HALLELUIA!