Will you give a cup of water?

Hello, this is Heidi Saxton, Father Ubald’s editor from his upcoming book “Forgiveness Makes You Free.” Last June Father hosted my husband Craig and me to the Center for the Secret of Peace in southwest Rwanda. It was an amazing place! He showed us several projects that he had undertaken to minister to the needs of the people there, and it has been a great privilege to share those experiences you here in this blog.

In addition to his building projects and evangelism meetings throughout the country, he has also been actively working to raise up a group of Catholic men and women known as the “Missionaries of Peace.” They have a center of formation, with Sister Victoire (below) teaching these young men and women all they will need to know to be witnesses to peace.  Here are a few pictures we took of our time together!


IMG_3006They are a joyful, prayerful, and generous group of people. Listening to them speak about their work, I was touched by their simple trust in God’s provision. They have seventy in formation at present, and it costs about $120 to feed and house a single novice each year. Please pray for them, that God would provide all they need to continue their important work of reconciliation and peace. For more information, or to make a donation, go here.