Update on Fr. Ubald

I want to thank everyone for your ongoing prayers and support of Father Ubald as he continues to fight Covid and works to heal.  He is no longer contagious with Covid but his body is in what they call recovery from the virus. He has made great progress in every way, but he has a long way to go before complete recovery.    He needs our prayers and our fasting.  I believe it is through prayer that he made it this far. He is suffering and I know many graces are being given because of his suffering. He had told me that he was praying for America and our elections, he was praying for the Center for Peace, for all Rwandans, interceding for the church in Rwanda, America and around the world, so many things that he is praying for.  As much as Ubald loves everyone, and loves his friends and the people of America, his heart beats for Rwanda and his people in Rwanda.

 I have a favor to ask you, Father Ubald has spent years praying and fasting for others and now it is our turn to pray and fast for him.  Before he got sick, Fr. Ubald, fasted the first nine days of each month only on bread and water, as a way to add to his prayers for all of us and our intentions. He has poured himself out for the people all over the world, to bring us Jesus, miracles, healing and forgiveness. Let us find a way that we can each fast for Fr. Ubald.  Between now and Christmas let us add fasting to our prayers, to not only help us have Christ born in our hearts anew,  but also for a total healing for Fr. Ubald.  We can join together in our intentions to fast and pray for healing in his lungs and a total restoration of everything in his body, mind and spirit that has been impacted by Covid.  

God bless you and keep you.  May this Advent be a time of hope renewed in all of us.
Team Ubald

Online release of Documentary film: Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace

We have decided to release the documentary film on line of Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace for anyone to be able to watch on You tube.  During this time of unrest and instability Fr. Ubald has decided that any and all should have access to the film and it’s message of healing, forgiveness, peace and reconciliation.  Please watch, spread the word and become messengers of peace and reconciliation in your spheres of influence.  Blessings and peace, the film team.


Join Fr. Ubald and pray a rosary with healing prayer

Due to the current situation and coronavirus, Fr. Ubald has not been able to return to Rwanda and is in quarantine in Wyoming for the duration of this crisis.  They are no longer allowing flights in and out of Rwanda for a minimum of 30 days in order to try to contain the virus and protect the people of Rwanda.  He is doing well and considers this a time of rest and prayer for people around the world impacted by the virus.  In order to continue his evangelization and outreach he is doing a rosary with healing prayer several nights a week on facebook live.  You can watch the past rosaries or join him live.  His next two rosaries will be tonight, Tuesday, March 24, and Wednesday, March 25, at 7pm MDT.  You can go to his facebook page, Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga and scroll down in the posts to get to the live post and join in.  There is a place for comments where you can put your prayer petitions as well as your healings.  Jesus is alive and is with us during this time.  Blessings and peace and spread the word.  Even if you are not on facebook you can join the event because his page is a public page.


Father Ubald in California

Father Ubald is traveling around California for the next two weeks.  Please go to the travel page to see where he is and if he is near  you.  He will be leaving sunny California and heading to Des Moines, Washington, DC, Chicago, Detroit, Kalamazoo, and Green Bay.  He is also on Choices We Face, EWTN with Ralph Martin this week as well.  So tune in, show up and let your friends know.  Many blessings for a happy and holy Lent.