Join Fr. Ubald and pray a rosary with healing prayer

Due to the current situation and coronavirus, Fr. Ubald has not been able to return to Rwanda and is in quarantine in Wyoming for the duration of this crisis.  They are no longer allowing flights in and out of Rwanda for a minimum of 30 days in order to try to contain the virus and protect the people of Rwanda.  He is doing well and considers this a time of rest and prayer for people around the world impacted by the virus.  In order to continue his evangelization and outreach he is doing a rosary with healing prayer several nights a week on facebook live.  You can watch the past rosaries or join him live.  His next two rosaries will be tonight, Tuesday, March 24, and Wednesday, March 25, at 7pm MDT.  You can go to his facebook page, Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga and scroll down in the posts to get to the live post and join in.  There is a place for comments where you can put your prayer petitions as well as your healings.  Jesus is alive and is with us during this time.  Blessings and peace and spread the word.  Even if you are not on facebook you can join the event because his page is a public page.


Father Ubald in California

Father Ubald is traveling around California for the next two weeks.  Please go to the travel page to see where he is and if he is near  you.  He will be leaving sunny California and heading to Des Moines, Washington, DC, Chicago, Detroit, Kalamazoo, and Green Bay.  He is also on Choices We Face, EWTN with Ralph Martin this week as well.  So tune in, show up and let your friends know.  Many blessings for a happy and holy Lent.


Travel Schedule Updates

Make sure to check the travel schedule for Fr. Ubald who is in the USA right now.  We have added several masses and other events as they have come up.  He will be doing two events in the Washington, DC area and we are so excited since this is his first time to do public ministry in our nation’s capital.  He will be in Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago as well.

Also this Sunday, October 13, 2019, at 9:30 ET, Father Ubald will be on EWTN’s Bookmark, discussing his new book.  You don’t want to miss it.  It was also air on Monday and Saturday the next week as well.


Fr. Ubald is returning to the USA. First stop: New York, NY

Fr. Ubald will be returning to the United States at the end of February and we have some exciting things going on while he is here.  There are several firsts happening and hopefully you will be able to join him somewhere along the way.  As details become available we will be filling those in.

His new book is launching the beginning of March.  It is available for preorder on Amazon now.  So order your copy today.  He will have his inaugural book signing at the Pauline bookstore in Manhattan, NY on the evening of February 26th, at 7pm., for more details. There will be other places along the way so stay tuned.

There will be a movie showing for Forgiveness The Secret of Peace at the Fulton Sheen Center in New York on Friday, February 22nd, at 7:30pm,  followed by a panel discussion with Fr. Ubald and others.  You can go on their website to buy your tickets,  We are expecting a sold out show so don’t wait until the last minute.  There will be other events and healing services in New York added as we get them confirmed.

Fr. Ubald will be traveling to Augusta and Savannah, GA, as well as, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, areas for the first time.  As we get more details they will be posted on the travel page.

We are excited for what is happening in the Green Bay Diocese where the movie will be showing in several parishes around the Diocese followed by Fr. Ubald and Bishop David Ricken coming to each parish for discussion and a healing service.

Stay tuned for more details to come and we hope to see you on the road, at the movies, or at a book signing.  Pray for Fr. Ubald and his team and know they will be praying for you.

ubald book cover

Will you give a cup of water?

Hello, this is Heidi Saxton, Father Ubald’s editor from his upcoming book “Forgiveness Makes You Free.” Last June Father hosted my husband Craig and me to the Center for the Secret of Peace in southwest Rwanda. It was an amazing place! He showed us several projects that he had undertaken to minister to the needs of the people there, and it has been a great privilege to share those experiences you here in this blog.

In addition to his building projects and evangelism meetings throughout the country, he has also been actively working to raise up a group of Catholic men and women known as the “Missionaries of Peace.” They have a center of formation, with Sister Victoire (below) teaching these young men and women all they will need to know to be witnesses to peace.  Here are a few pictures we took of our time together!


IMG_3006They are a joyful, prayerful, and generous group of people. Listening to them speak about their work, I was touched by their simple trust in God’s provision. They have seventy in formation at present, and it costs about $120 to feed and house a single novice each year. Please pray for them, that God would provide all they need to continue their important work of reconciliation and peace. For more information, or to make a donation, go here.


“The Lord Upholds My Life”

God sustains

This is the message from today’s psalm, Psalm 54. How have you found this to be true?

Have you thanked God for sustaining you, from the air that you breathe to the food you eat and the work he has given you to do? Have you thanked him for hearing you, in joy and in sorrow? Have you thanked him for his protection throughout the day?

Thanking God with faith … It is the first key to opening your heart to receive the blessings God wants to give you.

Father Ubald

“Open my ears, Lord…”

Next weekend Father Ubald will be at the WINE Conference at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Somerset NJ. Please pray for him as he continues his healing ministry in the weeks ahead. Please also pray for his new book, as we (Father Ubald and his editor, Heidi Saxton) will be putting the final edits into the manuscript during that weekend!


If you ask Father Ubald how he heals people — and there have been many people healed through his healing prayer services — he will quickly put things in proper perspective. “Jesus heals. Only Jesus. I am only his instrument. You must open yourself to Jesus, and let him do the work he wants to do in you.”

In Forgiveness Makes You Free, he describes five important steps to opening the heart to Jesus, to making yourself ready to receive his healing: Thank God with faith for all he has done for you. Forgive and receive forgiveness. Renounce evil. Decide to live for Jesus. Receive with joy the blessings he wants to give you — and share those blessings with others, especially through your testimony.

If you have a healing story that you would like to share, either in a future book or on this blog, please send it to Heidi Saxton at heidi(dot)hess(dot)saxton(at)gmail(dot)com.