“The Lord Upholds My Life”

God sustains

This is the message from today’s psalm, Psalm 54. How have you found this to be true?

Have you thanked God for sustaining you, from the air that you breathe to the food you eat and the work he has given you to do? Have you thanked him for hearing you, in joy and in sorrow? Have you thanked him for his protection throughout the day?

Thanking God with faith … It is the first key to opening your heart to receive the blessings God wants to give you.

Father Ubald

“Every good and perfect gift…”

James 121.jpg

“God travels the earth during the day … but he sleeps in Rwanda” (Rwandan folk proverb). This “land of a thousand hills” is a place of breathtaking beauty, and yet it is also a place that has known great tragedy. For more than thirty-five years, Father Ubald has worked to bring healing and peace to his people. He needs partners who will stand with him. Will you help?

Please pray for the work of the Center for the Secret of Peace, and if you are able please make your donation here. No gift is too small. Each gift is an answered prayer.