“Open my ears, Lord…”

Next weekend Father Ubald will be at the WINE Conference at the Immaculate Conception Parish in Somerset NJ. Please pray for him as he continues his healing ministry in the weeks ahead. Please also pray for his new book, as we (Father Ubald and his editor, Heidi Saxton) will be putting the final edits into the manuscript during that weekend!


If you ask Father Ubald how he heals people — and there have been many people healed through his healing prayer services — he will quickly put things in proper perspective. “Jesus heals. Only Jesus. I am only his instrument. You must open yourself to Jesus, and let him do the work he wants to do in you.”

In Forgiveness Makes You Free, he describes five important steps to opening the heart to Jesus, to making yourself ready to receive his healing: Thank God with faith for all he has done for you. Forgive and receive forgiveness. Renounce evil. Decide to live for Jesus. Receive with joy the blessings he wants to give you — and share those blessings with others, especially¬†through your testimony.

If you have a healing story that you would like to share, either in a future book or on this blog, please send it to Heidi Saxton at heidi(dot)hess(dot)saxton(at)gmail(dot)com.