Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace

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2017 Newsletter


Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace is a documentary film on the life and work of Fr. Ubald Rugirangoga, a 57-year-old Catholic priest in Rwanda. In this film, Fr. Ubald shares his message of forgiveness as a pathway to reconciliation and peace, a message he has steadfastly shared with thousands of his fellow Rwandans in the aftermath of the unspeakable horror of their country’s 1994 genocide.

Throughout the documentary Forgiveness: The Secret of Peace, parallel stories about Ubald’s teachings of forgiveness and reconciliation are followed. Through his own examples of forgiveness and spreading The Word, Fr. Ubald guides a country from conflict to resolution.  The film will depict the struggles and conflicts of victims getting over the trauma of what happened and opening their hearts to forgiveness, offering an end result of enemies coming together and experiencing true reconciliation.

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